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Fenwal Mechanical Temperature Switches ~ THERMOSWITCHES

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FENWAL Series 17000 and 18000 Probe style THERMOSWITCHES

THERMOSWITCH Temperature Controllers are tubular devices featuring an outer shell made of high-expanding metal and internal struts made of low-expanding metal, with a pair of electrical contacts between them. When the temperature of the media being measured changes, a corresponding change in the spacing of the contacts provides instant on/off control with a small differential, resulting in +1F precision, depending upon the application.

Fenwal Thermo Switch Model Numbers :

17000-0, 17021-0, 17002-0, 17023-0, 17100-0, 17121-0, 17102-0, 17123-0, 17200-0, 17221-0, 17202-0, 17223-0, 17300-0, 17321-0, 17302-0, 17323-0, 17800-0, 17821-0, 17802-0, 17823-0

18000-0, 18021-0, 18002-0, 18023-0, 18002-21, 18023-7

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Series Features:
Fast Response - outer shell is the active sensing member
Precise Control - substantially reduces overshoot & undershoot
Extreme Sensitivity - slow make and break contacts, resolution 0.1F (0.05C)
Vibration Resistance - best possible control under difficult physical conditions
Cost-effective, Compact, Simple-In-Operation
Numerous Mounting Configurations

Overlapping ranges from -100F to 600F (-73 to 316C)
1200 Watt resistive load at 120/240 VAC
5/8" diameter THERMOSWITCH models available

Agency Approvals:
UL and CSA

Food service equipment
Packaging equipment
Laminating presses
Agricultural equipment


Fenwal series 30000 Surface Mount THERMOSWITCHES

Fenwal Thermo Switch Model Numbers: 30000-0, 30000-48, 30002-0

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Based on the differential expansion of metals principle, an increase in temperature causes the stainless steel outer case of the Surface Mounting THERMOSWITCH controller to expand at a greater rate than the internal bridge assembly. Because the case is in direct contact with the heated surface, a temperature change is sensed almost instantaneously.

Series Features:
Fully adjustable
Narrow temperature differential
Compact size
Factory preset temperatures
NEMA 4 enclosure

Overlapping ranges from 50 to 600F (10 to 315C)
1200 Watt resistive load at 120/240 VAC
Minimum contact rating of 100,000 cycle

Cross mounting bracket
Slotted and extended adjusting screw lengths
Factory preset temperature
Special range calibration
Agency Approvals: UL

Plastic laminating presses
Food warming trays
Popcorn machines
Domestic appliances
Industrial steam cleaners

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