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American Meter Gas Meter


Elster American Meter

Elster American Meter

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Elster American Meter has been a leader in the measurement and control of natural gas since the very beginnings of the industry. Today, we continue to fulfill that role as part of Elster Gas North America. This global organization brings the latest technology and best practices from leading European and American manufactures of gas measurement and control equipment to markets around the world.

Elster American Meter Gas MetersAt Elster American Meter, we have a history of design innovations that have consistently improved the accuracy and the service life of gas meters. We pioneered the shift to aluminum-case meters as a replacement for cast iron and introduced the molded convoluted diaphragm that established new standards for long-term accuracy and reliability. For over 160 years, Elster American Meter continues to pave the way for advancement in the gas industry.

Whether it’s regulation, metering, data collection, data transfer or evaluation, Elster American Meter offers solutions for every application – customized to the specific needs of each individual customer – either as single components or complete systems.

The metering and regulation product range covers devices for measuring consumption which can be used both for custody and non-custody transfer as well as traditional gas regulators for low, medium and high pressures.

For the field of gas metering, Elster American Meter has also developed volume correctors and flow computers. These range from temperature volume correctors for commercial customers to flow computers for stations in the fields of gas distribution and transportation.

Elster American Meter is the industry’s leading supplier of diaphragm meters. With models to meet your applications from domestic service to large industrial uses, Elster American Meter diaphragm meters have an outstanding record for durability and reliability.

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UltraSonic Meters
AC-250 Diaphragm Meter

The aluminum class AC-250 is the industry's most cost-effective gas meter for residential applications. It is unequaled for accuracy retention and for life cycle maintenance economies.

Elster American Meters offers rotary meters as the RPM Series. These new rotary meters provide accurate flow measurement and outstanding performance in the most adverse conditions.
S Sonic

The S Sonic is an economical Ultrasonic Solution with low uncertainty (± 1.0%) with excellent repeatability and linearity. Wide rangeability/turn down ratio 50:1

Elster American Meter gas pressure governors and regulators meet the highest demands concerning quality and capacity. The products range reaches from small low pressure domestic, medium and high pressure regulators, spring or pilot-operated, through the full field of application also to LPG equipment and purpose built regulator/metering units.
Kleanline Filters
KleanLine Filters are designed to remove contaminants in the form of dust, dirt, rust, weld slag, and pipe scale down to a particle size of 10 or 25 microns, operate at pressures up to 1440 psig, and provide very little pressure loss even at high
AM-250 Diaphragm Meter

Special application, residential gas meter available in either 5 PSIG or 10 PSIG Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure with a badge rate of 250 cfh (.60 gravity gas) at 1/2-inch W.C. differential


Meter with Continuous Mechanical Temperature Compensator

Q Sonic 5 Path

The Q-Sonic 5 Path is the top-of-the-line ultrasonic meter with 5 reflected paths (12 crossings of the gas flow) for maximum coverage and accuracy).

SR100 Series Service Regulator

The compact, high capacity SR113 service regulator is designed for residential or light commercial/industrial applications using various hydrocarbon or other non-corrosive gases.

CFR Filters

CFR gas filters, including flanged, screwed and pilot filters effectively remove dirt, pipe scale and other matter from fas line in commercial and industrial applications

AT-210 Diaphragm Meter

The AT-210 and AT-250 meters have a 5 PSIG Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure and can flow either 210 or 250 cubic feet per hour at 1/2” W.C. differential pressure.


STANDARD meter with uncorrected mechanical register.

Q Sonic - 3C


J48 (up to 2 inch size)

Outlet pressures from 2" W.C. up to 64" W.C. Operating temperature range is -4°F to +158°F (-20°C to + 70°C) with a maximum allowable pressure of 5 PSIG (350 mbar). Flow rates up to 28040 SCFH (800 SCMH).

Gasket Strainers

Gasket Strainers are an effective way to protect downstream metering and regulation equipment from weld slag and other debris in the gas stream.

AL-425 Diaphragm Meter

The AL-425 diaphragm meter is ideally suited for larger residential or small commercial/industrial installations. Compatible with automatic meter reading technology.


Meter with uncorrected mechanical register and instrument drive plateform

Q Sonic 3 Path

The Q-Sonic 3 Path Meter has three reflected paths (8 crossings) give this meter an excellent coverage of the gas flow.


Gas regulator 1/2'', 3/4'', 1''. Inlet pressure up to 350 mbar

AC-630 Diaphragm Meter

The AC-630, another of the diaphragm meters in the Elster American Meter product line, provides the customer with rugged durability and accurate long-term performance. Compatible with automatic meter reading technology.


Meter with Continuous Mechanical Temperature Compensator and instrument drive for mounting a pressure-compensating index or pressure corrector.


Ultrasonic gas meter ideal suited for measurement of pulsating flows over a wide range

1800B2 Series Pressure Regulators

The 1800B2 Series pressure regulators are designed for natural gas applications. This series is ideal for light commercial and industrial use.

Curb Meter

Curb meters were designed to measure various gases under special operational applications such as in underground vaults

RPM-CMTC with Direct-Mount ERT

Meter with Continuous Mechanical Temperature Compensation. No more instrument drive accessory and sandwich pulsers are needed. The ERT can be programmed at our factory, in your meter shop or in the field.

1800C Pressure Regulators

The 1800C pressure regulators are designed for natural gas applications. Within this series, the models are designed to assure the fast release of gas.

BK-G4 Meter

The BK-G4 is a synthetic diaphragm meter with the latest technology and injection-molded aluminum body.

1800CPB2 Series Regulators

1800CPB2 series pressure regulators for natural gas applications

AL-800 AL-1000

The AL-800/AL-1000 diaphragm meters are for usage in commercial/industrial applications. These meters are compact and lightweight, but are designed for positive displacement accuracy for industrial/commercial loads.

3000 Series Regulators

3000 industrial regulator for distribution, commercial and industrial applications


The Elster Meter Services Refurbish program applies to AL-1400/AL-2300/AL-5000 series Elster American or Elster Canadian meters, suggested for fifteen (15) years old and newer.

CR4000 Service Regulator

Elster American Meter CR4000 is a standard service regulator. With easy installation, CR4000 offers excellent relief performance.


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