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Anderson-Bolds Heated Mats

Heated Outdoor mat ~ Heated Under Desk Mat

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Anderson-Bolds' Heated Mats create a safe, warm, Ice free space for warehouses, vestibules, offices, walkways and landings. The mats are safer than space heaters and use less electricity making them a green product. The heated mats are easy to install, can be put away for winter and will last due to their hardy construction.
as seen on German TV

Heated Carpet Door Mats

The HeatTrak Heated Entrance Mat has a ribbed carpet surface and looks like a regular door mat. You can leave the HeatTrak Heated Entrance Mat out for the entire winter season. With the HeatTrak Heated Entrance Mat you won't be bothered with ice or snow being tracked into your home or Office.

Heated Carpet Door Mats
Heated Carpet Door Mat Features

Gray color
Keeps entrances free of snow
Ribbed Carpet Surface
This mat can be left outdoors all winter
This mat works well in extreme conditions
Thickness 1/8"
Voltage 120Vac
Watts 325; Amps 2.7
GFCI trip level 4-6mA
Cold lead length 6'
Cord gauge 14/3 SJTW

Greener Heat Door Mats

The Heated Door Mat provides safer footing during snowy winter months by melting snow and slush for pennies a day. Additionally, they provide radiant heat indoors, helping reduce heating costs while providing warmth and helping to dry the floor during winter months.


Greener Heat Door Mats
Economical, using only 35 watts per square foot.
The molded rubber mat features heavy-duty construction that is made to last for years. Weighing over 14 lbs, most winds will not move it.
Measuring 36 x 39 inches, the Greener Heat doormat will help prevent thick ice build up when properly used. Designed to stay on all winter, the mat may also be used without power in warmer periods, making a very nice entrance mat all year round.
G.F.C.I. attached to the 15 foot cord, 120 volts. The mat is E.T.L. approved.
These heated entrance mats are an ideal size for residential use  use outdoors to melt snow and ice, or indoors as a heat source in non heated areas.
Large Heated Outdoor Mats

These 4' x 6' or 4' x 12' electric mats produce radiant heat to melt snow and ice from doorway entrances, ramps, as well indoor work areas. The removable heated mats eliminate snow shoveling, snow blowing, harsh chemicals or in-ground heated systems.

Additionally, they provide radiant heat indoors, helping reduce heating costs while providing warmth and helping to dry the floor. They also work very well as work mats for working in the garage during winter months and other areas where people must stand on cold floors.

Large Heated Outdoor Mats
Large Mat Features

Eliminate shoveling or chemicals

For Outdoor or Indoor Use
Works as a snow-melting mat for walks, ramps and entranceways
Works indoors to provide radiant floor heat and promote drying
Low Profile - Ease of use for wheel chairs or walkers.
Non-slip surface provide optimum traction year round, indoors or outside in snow or rain
The Heated Entrance Mat provides safer footing during snowy winter months by melting snow and slush for pennies a day.

4' Width, 120VAC

Greener Heat Anti-Fatigue Mats

The new Greener Heat!" Anti Fatigue rubber floor mats provide warmth and cushioning for workers standing on cold concrete floors. These heated floor mats have a slip-resistant, cushioned surface, making them ideal for a variety of applications. 120 Volts

Greener Heat Anti-Fatigue Mats
Economical, using only 35 watts per square foot.
The molded rubber compound is grease-resistant, and withstands common industrial chemicals and oils.
Measuring 36 x 39 inches, the heated anti-fatigue mat produces a 40 to 50 degree Fahrenheit rise in surface temperature over the ambient work area temperature.

The heated anti-fatigue mat may be placed over existing floor matting, or the included foam pad for additional cushioning.
G.F.C.I. attached to the cord.
Ideal for any indoor cold area, including assembly areas, industrial shops, and shipping/receiving areas.
An optional timer option allows the mat to warm areas before one uses them, or shut it off when not needed.

Winter Warmth Heated Desk Mats

Heated, under desk floor mat provides warmth and anti-fatigue comfort in cold climates and winter months. The warmed foam and vinyl mat is both safer and more economical than a space heater.

Winter Warmth Heated Desk Mats
Winter Warmth Mat generates a radiant heat which creates an extremely comfortable even heat while reducing fatigue and stimulating circulation.

Increased economy and safety!

Timer accessory assures that never again will an owner or manager need to return to the office to make sure space heaters are turned off. It also provides on-off function so the mat does not have to be plugged/unplugged to control function.

Even should the Winter Warmth Mat be left on, it assures safety and lower energy costs than space heaters.

Ideal for people who spend long hours on their feet or in cold environments, including bank tellers, toll booth operators, machinists and any other users of space heaters.


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