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Glo Brite Eco Exit Signs

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Going green doesn't have to be expensive


Glo Brite Eco Exit Signs

Glo Brite Eco Exit Signs

The new, zero energy Glo Brite Eco Exit Signs are all UL 924 listed and include North America's first and only 100-foot visibility sign that offers 1 for 1 electrical sign replacement. Energy savings can be up to $140.00 per year per sign.

The Federal Energy Management Program says that the best available exit sign product uses photoluminescent technology. What's more, the program directs all federal agencies to not purchase incandescent light bulb or tritium exit signs, and requires facility managers to replace them immediately.

There's no doubt about it. Buildings today are going green, and you need an easy,  economical solution to reduce your carbon footprint. Get the green light with the zero energy, zero maintenance solution -- the new, photoluminescent Glo Brite Eco Exit!" Signs.

By replacing 100 incandescent exit signs in your building with eco-friendly, easy to install Glo Brite Eco Exit!" Signs, you will save over $3,500 a year in energy costs - while reducing air pollution by almost a half a million pounds of CO2 over the life of the product. Need more proof?

  • Zero electricity to operate
  • Zero wiring to run
  • Zero bulbs or batteries to replace
  • Zero toxic/radioactive materials
  • Zero maintenance for 25+ years
  • Zero problems with safe disposal

- P50 Catalog Sheet
- P50 Specification Sheet

- PF50 Catalog Sheet
- PF50 Specification Sheet

- S50 Catalog Sheet
- S50 Specification Sheet

- PM100 Catalog Sheet
- PM100 Specification Sheet

Glo Brite Eco Exit Signs are fast becoming the industry standard for emergency exit signs in new construction, retrofits, and renovations. These photoluminescent exit signs have many distinct advantages over their predecessors, and will help businesses and business owners save a great deal of cash each and every year if they replace their old, incandescent exit signs. Additionally, with the pressure to conserve energy and go as green as humanly possible due to the current state of the environment, Glo Brite Eco Exit Signs deliver famously that that regard as well. In fact, photoluminescent exit signs have been chosen as the exit signs of choice for all new federal projects by the Federal Energy Management Program, requiring all facility managers to use these lights to replace the old systems.

These self-luminous exit signs are composed of photoluminescent materials which enable them to store ambient light while it is available for use whenever it is needed. These exit signs require no electricity or batteries, and virtually no maintenance. There are no wires to deal with, and installing them is a 15-minute task. Once installed, they are set for the roughly 25-year lifespan of the light! If your emergency egress plan needs to change once installation has occurred, you can move the lights with little difficulty. In that case, simply move the installation mounting to the new location, and you're good to go. By switching from your old, hard-wired incandescent exit signs to the Glo Brite Eco Exit Signs, you can realize a huge savings in both energy consumption and the cash expended for that energy, even in your first year. With the old system, you had to content with the energy costs, electrical maintenance issues, replacement bulbs, batteries and parts, and the uncertainty of whether the exit signs would even illuminate in the event of an actual emergency!

There are none of those concerns with the Glo Brite Eco Exit Signs. There are zero energy costs, zero maintenance, zero toxicity and disposal issues, and best of all, they provide peace of mind that they will be there to light the way when you need them! As far as going green is concerned, you can rest easy in the knowledge that by switching systems, you have reduced air pollution by almost half a million pounds of CO2 over the life of your Glo Brite Eco Exit Signs.

These exit signs and other egress markings come in many varieties, giving you a choice when it comes to determining which signs and markings may be appropriate for your building. They are an easy-to-install and economical solution.

When it comes to making a choice for a sustainable building design, it's clear that Glo Brite Eco Exit Signs should be a crucial part of your plan. With so many difficult choices facing today's business owners and builders, this one is a no-brainer. Make the choice to go green, and save a bunch of green in the process!

Jessup Glo Brite ECO Exit Signs - P50, PF50, S50, PM100


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