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Safety Products
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Light Curtains
Safety Mats

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Anderson-Bolds sells Safety and Automation Industrial products.

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Carlo Gavazzi Safety Products

Anderson-Bolds sells Carlo Gavazzi Safety Light Curtains online.

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Carlo Gavazzi means Safety! Click here for General Safety Data Sheet
Click here for General Safety Data Sheet

Carlo Gavazzi offers a complete range of safety products for plant and machinery safeguarding. Our offering includes safety limit switches (wire pull switches, door and hinge types, manual reset types, and door interlocks); light curtains; safety modules for two hand control, emergency stop, gate control, and extension modules; and safety mats. In addition, we also offer safety magnetic sensors.

Our range of safety products are available for use in applications up to category 4.

Carlo Gavazzi Safety Products, including Light Curtains, Safety Modules, Safety Switches and Safety Mats

Light Curtains Safety Modules Safety Switches Safety Mats



Carlo Gavazzi Safety Solutions To Protect People In Industrial Environments Including:


Machine Tools
Automatic Robots
Plastic and Rubber
Lifts and Escalators
Ceramic and Glass
Wood Working Machinery
Food and Beverage



When a dangerous situation is imminent, activating the appropriate push button stops the machinery.The 98/37/CE Directive states that an Emergency Stop is required for any machinery with moving parts.

Carlo Gavazzi - Emergency Stop

Used for the control of presses or machines with dangerous closing devices. This allows the operator to start the machinery only by pressing two correctly spaced push buttons simultaneously, in order to keep the hands away from the hazardous area.

Carlo Gavazzi - Two Hand Control

Machines that require human intervention for normal operation are designed and built with safety devices that force a shut down. If any gate preventing access to the dangerous zone gets opened during normal operation the machine is stopped. Encoded safety magnetic sensors interfaced with safety relays are used to monitor the gates.

Carlo Gavazzi - Safety gates

Used to control a side or perimeter delimiting a dangerous point or zone, safety light curtains are used to stop the machinery every time the operator goes beyond the allowed area. Safety Light Curtains detect the presence of the operator through the interruption of the infrared beams between a transmitter and receiver unit and in conjunction with a safety relay.

Carlo Gavazzi - Safety Light Curtains

Placed around a hazardous machine or zone, safety mats keep control of the whole area. The machinery will be stopped at any time the operator steps on the mat.

Carlo Gavazzi - Safety Mat System


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