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Carlo Gavazzi Automation Products - Solid State Relays

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Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of solid state relays (SSRs) featuring direct copper bonding technology for increased life and reliability. SSRs are used extensively in the plastics, packaging, food processing, and HVAC industries - primarily for temperature control turning on and off resistance electric heaters.

Other applications include lighting and pump switching. Furthermore, many of Gavazzi's solid state relays feature horsepower ratings making them suitable for controlling motorized dampers in HVAC control systems - where their long life and noise-free switching make them ideal replacements for mechanical contactors.

Carlo Gavazzi's solid state relays range includes single phase relays up to 125 amps and 3 phase relays up to 75 amps. They are available with both digital and analog inputs (4-20 mA or 0-10 V) Carlo Gavazzi also offers a complete range of Solid State Relays with a built-in heatsink (and fans) that can mount to DIN rails.


The Carlo Gavazzi RGC new range of solid state contactors presents a unique opportunity to maximize efficiency in panel space and is an evolution of solid state switches for which Carlo Gavazzi is very well known. The nominal current ratings are at 40 ̊C. The smallest width is 17.5mm and is rated at 20 AAC. Power and control terminals allow for safe looping of cables. Voltage transient protection is standard across the output with a varistor. 17.5 to 70mm Product width - 600VAC Operation Voltage - 85 AMPS operational Current - IP20 Protection - CE, UL, CSA, RoHS and VDE -Integral Varistor
Gavazzi RGC SSR
The smallest product width in the Carlo Gavazzi RGC2, RGC3 range is 54mm (3xDIN) and goes up to 70mm. 2-pole and 3-pole switching options are available. Switch ON occurs at the voltage zero cross and switch OFF occurs at the current zero cross. Apart from resistive and slightly inductive loads, the RGC is certified for motor switching with associated motor ratings. Varistors are integrated for output over voltage protection. A green LED gives indication of control voltage presence. Fan operation is controlled for the versions which have an integrated fan. Detection of SSR overheat, mains loss, SSR malfunction and load loss is possible with the RGC..M versions. An EMR alarm output is available for remote signaling. An additional feature with the RGC..M is the electronic auxiliary output. The RGC..M has additional LEDs for load status and alarm status indication. Specifications are at a surrounding temperature of 25C unless otherwise specified.
Gavazzi RGC2 RGC3 SSR
The aim of the Carlo Gavazzi RGS SSR is to switch heater loads and motor loads frequently. The range offers solutions up to 90AAC in 17.5mm width. Output connections are via a screw connection, having a captivated washer allowing for safe looping or via box clamp which can handle cables up to 25mm2 (AWG3). Input connection is provided either via a captivated washer or via a pluggable spring loaded input. Other options with integrated heat sink are available in RGC ranges. The RGS...DIN provides an option for DIN mounting of the RGS series. Minimum AC51 rating @ 40 ̊C is 10AAC. The RGS series is UL508, CSA22.2, RoHS and VDE approved and listed.
Gavazzi RGS SSR
The Carlo Gavazzi RMD Hybrid Single Phase Relay houses semiconductor thyristors and mechanical contacts that compliment each other. On applying the control volt- age, thyristors are activated. After a short delay, an electromechanical relay is activated. This switching method protects the contacts of the electromechanical relay and reduces heating of the thyristors. The same principle applies dur- ing removal of the control input. The result is millions of trouble-free cycles in a compact and modular switching package. Operational ratings up to 230V, 20A ACrms - Integral bypassing of semiconductors - Compact 17.5mm wide housing - DIN rail mounting - No need for external heatsink - UL, cUL, CE
Gavazzi RMD Hybrid relay
The Carlo Gavazzi three phase RMD3H combines the benefits of solid state relays and electromechanical relays to provide a hybrid relay. This means that there is virtually no contact arcing and much less heat emission inside the panel. RMD3H switches heaters on three legs while RMD2H has two poles which are switched and the third one is directly connected between the L2 and the T2 terminals.
This hybrid relay also provides a solution which does not contain mercury and is RoHS compliant. The maximum current reached per pole is 40AAC in a surrounding temperature of 60 ̊C (140 ̊F). CE and cURus
Gavazzi RMD3H
TThe Carlo Gavazzi RF1 series provides a compact solid state switching solution suited for confined spaces. Long life time is ensured by the use of assembly technology that reduces stresses on the power semi-conductors. The RF1 series is suitable for resistive loads. The zero switching type (RF1A), switches ON when the voltage crosses zero on the Sine Wave. The instant-ON type (RF1B), switches on when the control voltage is applied. Switch OFF occurs when voltage crosses zero. Integrated transils provide protection against over voltages. A green LED indicates presence of the control voltage. FASTON terminals enable fast installation. The RF1 is provided with preattached thermal interface ready for mounting on chassis or heat sink.
Gavazzi RF1 SSR
The industrial, 1-phase 'Hockey Puck' solid state relay with antiparallel thyristor output is the most widely used industrial SSR due to its multiple application possibilities. The relay can be used for resistive, inductive and capacitive loads. The zero switching relay switches ON when the sinusoidal curve crosses zero and switches OFF when the current crosses zero. The instant-on relay with DC control input can be used for phase angle control. The built-in snubber secures transient protection. The LED indicates the status of the control input. The clip-on cover secures touch protection (IP 20). Protected output terminals can handle cables up to 16 mm2. This Carlo Gavazzi series is touch safe, direct copper bonded and CE, RoHS, CSA, VDE, CCC and cURus listed.
Gavazzi RMA1 SSR


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