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Horner NX Graphical OCS

New, Low-cost Graphical OCS with Embedded Ethernet

  • CompactFLASH®
  • Displays Complex Graphical Objects
  • Embedded Ethernet
  • Web-Enabled
  • PLC/Drive Protocols
  • Optional >500 KHz HSC and PWM
  • Full Alarming Package
  • Downloadable Fonts
  • Four Selectable Languages
  • Free Software Package, Cscape™
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New, Low-cost Graphical OCS with Embedded Ethernet
The NX Graphical OCS series is a low cost, high-performance all-in-one controller with embedded features such as Ethernet, CompactFLASH® and Web server. It uses Horner’s industry-recognized Cscape software and the complete selection of SmartStack I/O—that can be snapped on the back of the NX controller—and SmartStix remote I/O. OCS (Operator Control Station) is a robust, reliable control product that combines a traditional controller…programmed in ladder logic… operator interface, I/O and networking into an integrated, all-in-one unit using a single software package. An NX Graphical OCS can control many different types of machines and processes—from medium to large applications—requiring an operator interface, controller, I/O and networking.The NX has 0.1mS/K ladder scan rate, 256K ladder memory, supports 4096 digital and 1024 analog I/O points and offers two I/O options for local and remote requirements.The NX also has Internet capabilities…including programming over the Internet to remote locations, and hosting Web pages and FTP sites. Available models include 240 x 128 and 128 x 64 backlit LCD graphical screens and each NX model has 10 function keys with LEDs plus dedicated soft keys. Prices start from $695 for the 128 x 64 graphical screen model with 256K ladder memory and CompactFLASH support…and under $800 with embedded Ethernet,Web server and built-in high speed counters.

CompactFLASH Stores Data and Allows Easy Program Updates
The NX Graphical OCS has a built-in CompactFLASH slot that allows users to conveniently set up the controller to store machine or process data (up to 2GB memory). In addition, programs and updates can be loaded through a CompactFLASH card. This is a real advantage for OEMs or those supporting distant sites because end users can simply and safely plug in a CompactFLASH card and update the program.

Connect to the Internet and Existing PLCs and Drives
With embedded Ethernet and Web Server, the NX is Web-enabled and supports many Internet capabilities…including remote viewing, access, and programming over the Internet, and hosting Web pages and FTP sites. Our Web Server allows you to create custom Web pages, and using available Web browser software, you can access information you need, when you need it, remotely from any Internet access location in the world. For your other networking needs, Horner has a large library of third party protocols that allow any NX to easily connect to a variety of PLCs and Drives.This gives you the option to network the NX to existing control systems in your plant or factory…and/or use the NX as a display.


Part Number Description
HE-NX220 NX Operator Control Station with 128 X 64 LCD Screen, CompactFLASH slot
HE-NX221 NX Operator Control Station with 128 X 64 LCD Screen, Ethernet, CompactFLASH slot,Web Server
HE-NX222 Adds built-in HSC and PWM to HE-NX221
HE-NX250 NX Operator Control Station with 240 X 128 LCD Screen, CompactFLASH slot
HE-NX251 NX Operator Control Station with 240 X 128 LCD Screen, Ethernet, CompactFLASH slot,Web Server
HE-NX252 Adds built-in HSC and PWM to HE-NX251
Note: NX models require plastic SmartStack I/O modules if snapped-on back.





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