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Horner XLe Graphical OCS

A compact all-in-one Control Solution with Controller, Graphics, Built-in I/O Networking and Removeable Mass Storage for Industrial Applications starting below the cost of a micro PLC plus operator interface.

  • Takes less space and is more affordable than separate PLC and Operator Interfaces
  • Graphics display for better process and machine visualization
  • Built-in I/O with removable terminal blocks
  • Data logging using built-in MicroSD™ removable mass data storage
  • Two serial ports and downloadable protocols interface with almost any PLC or Drive
  • Ethernet, wireless and Telephone Modem options cards for Plant and Remote Connectivity
  • Click here for the XLe product sheet

  • Click here to view a short video about the XLe


New Low-Cost Compact "All-in-One" Controller

Introducing the XLe Operator Control Station (OCS), an “all-in-one” controller small enough to fit in the palm of your hand (only 3.75” square).Priced below the cost of a micro PLC plus operator interface, these devices include a Graphical Operator Interface, Built-in I/O, Networking and Removable Mass Data Storage. OCS is a robust, reliable control product that combines a traditional controller (programmed with ladder logic) with an operator interface, I/O and networking into an integrated, all-in-one unit using a single industry-recognized software package called Cscape™.

First with Removeable MicroSD™ Memory

The XLe is the first industrial product to include support for the latest standard in Removable Mass Storage. This dime-sized memory, to date only found on video-enabled cellular phones, is available in densities ranging from 128MB to 1GB. This is ideal for storing process data, machine recipes, and application files. Users can easily update their XLe application program through this memory device — allowing logic and screen updates to be made in a single step with transportable media.

Built-in I/O and Networking

The four available XLe models with built-in I/O include digital, analog, and high speed I/O. For machine control, the high speed I/O can provide totalizing, frequency measurement, PWM generation and pulse outputs. The available Universal Analog I/O is ideal for process control applications with high-resolution inputs which can be configured for Thermocouple, RTD, 4-20mA, +/-100mV, and 0-10V signals.

The XLe memory structure supports over 5000 I/O. The XLe also has field
installable communications options.  An internal10/100MBit Ethernet card makes machine data and XLe programming accessible at a plant-wide or world-wide basis. In addition, the XLe is available with an internal 14.4K telephone modem card. While Ethernet and modem are optional, dual RS-232/RS-485 serial ports and an integrated CAN-based network (CsCAN™) are standard.


As a compact, powerful controller – the XLe can be used in literally thousands of applications. From OEM machine control to machine monitoring in a plant environment, the XLe can be instrumental in keeping you or your customer’s automation activities running smoothly.  Future expansion is not a concern, because XLe is part of the wide ranging OCS product line — programmable throughout with a single FREE software package, CscapeTM.  The XLe is designed with an attractive, generic look so it will fit in with most panel or console designs – you can even have your company’s logo added to the overlay or specify a custom keypad altogether.

Temperature Control

With built-in RTD and Thermocouple available, along with auto-tune PID, the XLe can perform advanced temperature control and much more on any machine.


The XLe’s compact size, affordable price, and fast response make it a natural for packaging machinery of all types.



A small rugged package, 12Vdc compatibility, and removable
mass storage are ideal for the agricultural environment.



Water Treatment

The XLe offers the perfect I/O mix, size, and communications capability for Pump Control, Tank Monitoring and Remote Telemetry in general.



I/O Expansion

XLe I/O expansion is not limited to its Built-in I/O. SmartStix I/O is high-speed and can be local or highly distributed. SmartMod RTU/Modbus I/O is a cost effective means of adding a small number of analog or digital I/O.







The XLe supports CsCAN high-speed networking as standard, and Ethernet networking as a field-installable option.  Single-point-of-connect allows seamless communications between the computer and any controller.  In the diagram to the right, XLe 2 and XLe 3 are accessed by the PC over Ethernet and CsCAN through XLe 1.





Take a quick informal video tour of the XLe.
Click here to play the video.

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