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ATC Diversified
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Diversified Electronics

Phase/Voltage/Current/Pump/Timing Control

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ATC Diversified phase, current and voltage monitors

For more than 50 years, ATC Diversified Electronics, a division of Marsh Bellofram Corporation has offered some of the industry's highest reliability AC current monitors, motor and pump protection, isolated switches and alternating relay products.
As a leader in solid state control products, Diversified was the industry pioneer in the first Phase Monitor Relay designed to protect 3-phase equipment from adverse conditions such as Phase Loss (single phasing), Under Voltage (brown-outs), and Phase Reversal (improper sequence). Continued investment in new product R&D and continuous quality improvements allows the ATC Diversified team to offer market-leading technologies, keeping pace with the needs of an evolving industrial marketplace.

Phase/Voltage Monitors
Current Monitors
Pumps & Level Controls
Isolated Switches
Time Delay Relays
Power Alerts
HVAC Products
Seal Failure Alarms
Sockets & Accessories

ATC-Diversified Electronics


Phase/Voltage Monitors: The Diversified voltage/phase monitors protect against single phasing, brown outs and improper sequencing. The SLA and SUA units phase loss, under voltage and phase sequence. The PRA units on monitor phase sequence. The PBC, PBD, PBE units monitor phase loss and both under and over voltage. The SLB, SLC, SLD, SLE, SLI, SLM, SLU, units monitor phase loss, imbalance and sequence along with over/under voltage and frequency shift. The VBA and UOA units are strictly voltage monitors looking for over and/or under voltages. Different units are designed for different voltages as well as adjustment modes.

ATC Diversified voltage and phase monitoring

Current Monitors: ATC/Diversified current monitors can measure either AC of DC current dependant onthe model. Some measure over current and others under current and some models both; CMD, CBA,and CDD. The CMG and CMB curent monitors have an integral current transformer on board, other models will require a remote CT. Model CT current transformers are also available from Diversified Electronics.

ATC Diversified current monitoring systems

Pump and Level Controls and Alternating Relays: Alternating relays are used to assure equal runtime on all loads by alternating the sequence in which loads start up.. The alternating action is initiated by a control switch such as a level float, thermostat, pressure switch or timer. Types of alternating relays are duplexors, triplexors, quadraplexors, special function and expandable alternating relays. Units can have automatic alternating, Field selectable sequencing, and external clocking. Some units are UL and or CSA listed and Certified.Units can be surface mounted, enclosure style E or octal socket mounted, enclosure style A. Panel mount units have enclosure style E.P. ATC Diversified products are Made in the USA in West Virginia.

ATC Diversified alternating relays

Time Delay Relays: Diversified Electronics also makes Time Delay Relays with knob or dip switch adjustments and surface mount or octal socket mounting. The TBC, TDC and TUC TDRs are on-delay units. The TBB, TUB and TDB ar interval units. The TBD, TDD and TUD are off-delay unist. The TBE, TDE and TUE are single shot TDRs. The TBF, TDF, TDG and TBG are repeat cycle TDRs. The TBL and TDL TDRs are flasher models. The Diversified TBU and TDU are multi-mode TDRs. The Diversified TDP is a percentage timer and the TDT is a True off delay timer. Known for their orange color Diversified TDR are perfect for all timing applications. UL and CSA. Made in the USA in West Virginia.

ATC Diversified time delay relays and timers

Universal Power Alerts: The ATC Diversified UPA or Universal Power Alert is designed to reduce the risk of electrical arc flash by pre-verifying the electrical isolation from outside of a control panel or motor control bucket. The UPS is hardwired to the circuit breaker or disconnect. The UPS flashes whenever power is present. The ATC UPA it engineered with redundant circuitry and the power alert is powered by the same voltage as it is indicating. The UPA-100 is the standard unit. The UPA-100S is a solid RED on in lieu of flashing. The UPA-130 is a 30 mm cutout version. And the UPA 200 is a fiber optic version so no power is on the panel door. Made in the USA in West Virginia.

ATC Diversified UPA universal poweralert


Integrity, quality, and engineering make Diversified Electronics a standout among the competition.

A solid reputation is built on longevity, engineering excellence, quality workmanship, and customer service. ATC-Diversified Industries has specialized in process fluid heat transfer systems since 1975. As a result, ATC-Diversified has earned a global reputation for quality and ingenuity in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of temperature control systems. Just look around. You will find ATC-Diversified systems in action throughout the world, delivering accurate temperature measurement and control to the production of chemicals, petroleum, plastics, rubber, paper, power, steel, food, and pharmaceuticals.

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