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Web 600 Ball Valves
Isolator EXP
The Isolator

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Webstone has been an industry leader since 1954. Throughout the years we have been an integral part of pioneering the plumbing industry in high quality imported and domestic products. We have grown to meet the ever-changing needs of our industry which is evident in the products we sell and the programs we develop. Today, Webstone stands unmatched in our products and programs. Innovation in design & stability in our quality is why Webstone continues to grow in the many markets we serve.

We build our products with a distinct mindset.

Build them for life & our customers will come back again & again.

Some of Webstone's Exclusive Products:


Webstone Isolator EXP Valves

(Click on Picture for specs)


Isolator EXP

Easy Two Step Color Coded Union Connections

Full Port Throughout Entire Valve Body

 Outlet for Pressure Relief Valve

600 WOG 150 WSP

Conforms to NSF 61-9

Adapter Kit Available for Repositioning of

Pressure Relief Valve Port



Easy two step installation of your tankless water heater with unsurpassed safety, features and benefits. This is a complete inlet/outlet valve system that provides everything you need for a secure installation including full port testing and flushing of the system with easy to install union connections.


Extra features like a full port for full flow throughout the valve including a full port outlet for purging, flushing and testing the system. The ability to drain your hot water lines throughout the building or just at the water heater with a quick quarter turn. It also features an outlet for your pressure relief valve, and a unique one-piece design that is so innovative it has a Patent Pending.


Protection for the life of your system. Emergencies are handled with quick quarter turn ball valve shut-offs for total isolation of your system in seconds. Repair or replace your heater in minutes with easy-fit union style connections that do not disturb your piping system. You are also protected by the best warranty in the business, the Web Warranty guaranteeing you a lifetime of trouble free service.


(Click on Picture for specs)



Heavy duty forged brass construction

Full Port for Full Flow

Prevents Electrolysis and Eliminates Galvanic Corrosion

600 WOG 150 WSP


Another innovation, only from Webstone. Designed from the bloodline of the original ball valve comes a product so new and exciting that you only have to look at it to realize the impact it will have on our industry. Imagine a product that reduces component parts, installation time and cost.

Imagine a product that can do this with less leak paths and virtual elimination of galvanic corrosion when installed on copper plumbing systems. You have just imagined the most innovative product to hit our industry since the original circulator pump. It is called The Isolator Uni-Flange Ball Valve and it is only available from Webstone.

Been looking for a product that provides great margins and sells itself? Look into all of the features and benefits of The Isolator and stock the standard valve of choice for ALL circulator pump installations.





(Click on Picture for specs)


Pro-Pal Series

" Eliminating leak paths in the system

" Shortening installation time

" Providing cleaner looking Installations that are more functional

" Saving space in tight installations with no reduction in performance

" Eliminating multiple fittings and reduced port alternatives that can alter a system

" Providing you with step saving valves that are


Webstone's Pro-Pal series valves were created to make all installations and repairs for professional tradesman easier, quicker and better than ever before. Look at all of the many sizes, configurations and styles of Pro-Pal series valves that are available to meet your every need. One installation using the Pro-Pal series of valves will make you wonder how you ever got along without them. The Pro-Pal series of valves are designed to make today's plumbing systems easier to install and easier to service for the life of the system.

Consider the simplicity of these easy to use quarter turn ball valves, some with high flow drains, some with union ends that will allow easy maintenance for the life of the system. Heavy duty forged brass construction and formidable heat and pressure ratings make these valves ideal for all types of plumbing systems including complicated hydronic and radiant manifold piping systems where function and space are a priority.

Using the Webstone Pro-Pal series of valves will make your installation easier, neater, cleaner and more efficient than any combination of fittings and valves you have ever used in the past. This caliber of high tech design in valves made exclusively for the professional could only come from the innovators in valve technology at Webstone. Leading the way to innovation!


Webstone 600 Ball Valves

(Click on Picture for specs)



Conforms to Federal Spec. WWV-35C

Threaded ends comply with ANSI B16.18

Teflon seats withstand temperatures from

-40F to 400F

Designed, Built, and Tested in the USA














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