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Anderson-Bolds sells Safety and Automation Industrial products.

Anderson-Bolds has recently added the Elster American Meter
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American Meter Gas Meter


Q'Mark Electric Heat

The Mark of Quality

Q'Mark products offer the reliable, cost-effective performance that architects and engineers are looking for when they need to specify these heating and ventilation products on their projects.
Standard products are available for residential, commercial and industrial applications; custom engineering services are also available to help meet unique heating and ventilation requirements.

Freeze-protection heaters made specifically for installation in concealed or hard-to-reach spaces.

Toe-space heater designed for use at checkout counters, ticket or tollbooths and many other places where no other heater seems to fit

Wash down heating units that provide comfort heating or freeze protection in non-hazardous corrosive or dirty environments such as waste water treatment plants, coal handling areas, food processing plants, foundries, car washes, swimming pool areas and dairies. Custom wash down heaters can be made in 2 weeks!

Portable infrared heaters mounted on two-wheeled carts for ease of movement to areas that are hard to heat. They provide an economical way to thaw frozen equipment or heat loading dock areas where permanent installed heaters are not practical.

Baseboard heaters that are UL listed for wall installation directly at floor level with wall-to-wall carpeting no clearance space between the heater and carpet is required. 

Q'Mark Electric Unit Heaters

Types of Q'Mark Unit heaters are the MUH modular unit heater, IUH industrial unit heater, CU cabinent unit heater, GUX explosion-proof heater, QWD washdown heater, and MSDH plenum rated heater

Qmark MUH Unit HeaterQmark QWD Washdown Unit Heater

Q'Mark Electric Wall Heaters

Types of Q'Mark Wall Heaters are the SMART programmable heater, AWH architectural, CWH commercial, GFR, LFK, SED, CRA, EFQ and 1235 Economy wall heaters.

Qmark AWH Wall HeaterQmark SMART Wall Heater

Q'Mark Electric Radiant Heaters

Q'Mark Radiant Heaters include RCC Cove Heaters, FRP Multi-Element Radiant, HRK Single Element, BRM Industrial Radiant, CRN Infrared Heaters

Qmark FRS Radiant HeaterQmark ARL Radiant Heater

Q'Mark Baseboard and Convection Heaters

Q'Mark Baseboard heaters include 2500 Residential Board, HBB Hydronic Baseboard, QMKC Commercial Baseboard and CBD Heavy-Duty Commercial Baseboard.

Q'Mark Convection Heaters include DBA and SHA Convectors, QDBSL and DBSL Draft Barrier heaters, CPH and DPH Pedestal Convectors, CSH and DSH Sill convectors and ST Slope Top Convectors.

QMark QMKC Baseboard HeaterQMark CPH Pedestal Heater

Q'Mark Electric Portable Heaters

Q'Mark Portable heaters include WPC convection heater, 202SL under desk radiant heating panel, MMHD Milk House blower heater, MCM Blower Heater, QPH4A unit heater, BRH contractor heater, PT Utility heater, FBE Convector and LFP Hydronic Heater.

Qmark FRR RadiantQmark PT Blower Heater

Q'Mark Electric Ceiling Heaters

Q'Mark Ceiling heaters include CP Radiant panels, CDF Down Flow Heaters, QCH Unit Heaters and EFF Fan Forced Ceiling Heaters.

Qmark CP Radiant Ceiling Panel Qmark_CDF Ceiling Heater

Q'Mark Thermostats

Q'Mark Controls and Thermostats include Digital Display Thermostats, Analog Thermostats, Line Voltage Thermostats and Low Voltage Stats.

Qmark Thermostats

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