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Ronan Engineering


Ronan Annunciators

The Visual Annunciator Systems are utilized to display plant or process status by lighting individual windows, identifying specific process function. The inputs are derived from dry or live contacts to indicate the process condition or status. Single point or multipoint alarm logic modules operate the window lights based on a preselected ISA 18.1 or custom sequence. The Annunciator Systems are available with integral logic split architecture, where logic modules are located remote from the window display or in waterproof or hazardous area enclosures

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Key Features

  • Custom Sizing of Windows
  • Field Expandable
  • Color Coding
  • General Purpose or Hazardous Area Usage
  • Class 1, Div 2 with FM, CSA or UL Listings
  • Made In USA!

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Annunciators Are Simple and Rugged

Relay Logic based annunciators are preferred in applications where extreme environmental conditions are encountered. The combination of reliability, noise immunity and simplicity of the logic circuits makes the relay system ideal for places with limited technical support or unfavorable environmental conditions.

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Sequence of Events Recorder

The X500E Sequence of Events Recording System provides Utilities and Process Industries with the most advanced event monitor and fault finder.

The Systemís high speed, high resolution digital data acquisition capability provides for instant display of plant and equipment status changes on color videos, printers, and window annunciators in the Control Room.

Large historical event information (500,000 events) provide for concise and selective analysis of plant shutdowns or equipment failures.

The X500E Systemís architecture allows to configure single train to fully redundant network and hardware based systems t meet specific custom requirements.

The Systems can provide or receive real time synchronization via IRIG-B signal from GPS or Time Code Generator.

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Signal Conditioning

The Ronan X51N Series temperature and process signal conditioners, transmitters, alarm trips, and combination transmitter/trips, feature the most extensive selection of interface modules, providing high density packaging for the most economical price. The designs incorporate solidly based experience from the many thousands of installed and operating units, and offer superior performance based on today's technology and proven design techniques. The high density arrangement of the X51N Series, most suitable for system application in today's space-limited control rooms, is enhanced with the ultra high density combination of transmitter and alarm trip contained in the same module. These combination modules provide a unique solution to instrumentation requirements, where previously a transmitter and an alarm trip module occupied twice the space, thus providing an obvious economical advantage.

The X51N Series modules are supplied in standard 19 inch relay rack mount chassis or surface mount chassis for back panel installation, each providing space for up to twenty modules in any combination of transmitters, alarm trips, or transmitter/trips. A panel mount housing for any combination of up to forty modules permits installing the modules at any location inside a control panel. All modules are constructed to the "Euro Card" specifications based on DIN standards to assure plug-in compatibility with regard to mechanical and electrical features applicable to European Chassis. The circuit card and chassis connectors used are of the shrouded type to assure ease of insertion and excellent electrical connection. The thermocouple and RTD input modules feature plug-in type submodules, allowing field change for range or type of input by simple exchange of the type determining submodule. Calibration is made easy by means of front panel access jacks, which allow direct injection of calibration signals, without disconnecting the input signals, and readout of the output signals. A portable calibrator such as the Ronan Model X88 is ideally suited to simultaneously inject the input signal and monitor the output. Calibration is accomplished using readily accessible front panel controls. All modules are powered from an integral or external 24 VDC power supply. The integral power supply, occupying two module positions, is capable of supplying up to 50 watts. Refer to individual module specifications for power requirements. Rack mounted power supplies for larger systems are available. The DC or AC power connections are made at clearly marked rear panel terminals. The alarm trip modules offer either two isolated single pole, single throw, or one single pole, double throw contact per setpoint. The contacts are rated for 3 amperes at 240 VAC or 28 VDC. Selection of high/low setpoint, or relay coil status, normally energized or de-energized, is made by simply changing the mechanical plug-in jumpers.

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Intrinsically Safe Barriers

An Intrinsically Safe Barrier is a device which limits the power (energy) which can be delivered from a safe area into a hazardous area. Explosions are prevented; not just contained in explosion-proof conduit and housings. Not only is electrical energy (voltage and current) held within safe limits, but also total energy, eliminating the possibility of an explosion due to excessive heat. Use of barriers and a total intrinsically safe design philosophy offers considerable advantages from cost and safety standpoints.

  • All components are immediately accessible - no time-consuming opening of explosion-proof housings.
  • Personnel safety is assured because of low voltage operation.
  • Standard wiring techniques in open cable trays or light gauge conduit save on material and labor costs during initial installation.
  • Calibration and maintenance can be performed with the system in an operational status as though it were located in a general purpose area.
  • Special skill levels are not needed to open heavy housings, test for gas, or shut down the process in order to service, or operate the instrumentation.
  • Barrier replacement is accomplished by simple exchange of plug-in modules. There is no need to disconnect wiring.
  • Color-coded housings give visual indication of the barrier type in use for a particular circuit.
  • Barriers are manufactured in the U.S.A.!

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Ronan has been a major supplier of high-accuracy and high-reliability calibrators since 1970. In fact, even our first model, the X85, is still widely used, and even preferred, by many of our customers. However, over the years we have continued to improve and add features to each new calibrator offering. The X86 adds a second digital display and memory features to simplify and speed up calibration tasks. The X88 went even further with the incorporation of E-prom memory and direct degrees F or C temperature readings for easier calibration of RTD and thermocouple instrumentation.

Summary of Key Features and Capabilities

Functions  X85 X86  X88
Read/Source mV and Voltage Signals YES YES YES
Read/Source mA Signals YES YES YES
Read/Source Resistance Signals YES YES YES
Read/Source Frequency Signals  * * YES
Read/Source T/C mV Signals  * * YES
Read/Source RTD & T/C Signals in F or C  N/A N/A YES
Dual 4.5 Digit LCD Digital Display Single YES YES
Number of Programmable Output Levels  2 4 5
Simulates 2-Wire Transmitters  YES YES YES
24 Vdc Power for 2-Wire 4-20 mA Loops  N/A N/A YES

* = Available with plug-in adapter accessory N/A = Not Available

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Non-Contact Measurement Systems


Application solutions for point, continuous, and interface level measurements. All system components are not wetted to the process, capable to make measurements of extreme temperature, high pressure, corrosive, abrasive, and toxic process. The system consists of a low energy gamma ray emitting source and detector. It is mounted, depending on vessel size, either externally to the vessel or in sealed wells inside the vessel. As the process fills the vessel, gamma energy can not penetrate the process so the signal is correlated to level, displayed, and outputted at the microprocessor. Measurement repeatability of +/-1/2% of range.


Application solutions for density and mass flow measurements. All system components are not wetted to the process. The system consists of a low energy gamma ray emitting source and detector normally mounted external to a pipe. The gamma rays are directed through the process to the detector, with the more dense process blocking more energy than lighter process densities. This field is measured by the detector and communicated to the microprocessor for display and output of the density in selectable units. Measurement repeatability of +/- 1/2% of span.


Application solutions for weighing system on belt and screw conveyors. All systems components mount around the conveyor, never contacting the process. This enables measurement of hot, sterile, abrasive, corrosive, wet, and toxic processes. The system consist of a low energy gamma ray emitting source and detector mounted above and below the conveyor. Components can mount on horizontal or inclined conveyors often requiring no conveyor modifications. The measurements is obtained when mass increases between the source and detector reducing the energy at the detector. This signal is converted to Weight, Rate, and Velocity at our Microprocessor; displayed and outputted. Repeatability of +/- 1/2% of run time weight.

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Other Ronan Products

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