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Anderson-Bolds sells Emerson Penberthy Jet Pumps (Eductors) online.

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With manufacturing roots dating back over a century, Emerson Penberthy has long been recognized as a global leader in design and manufacture of high-quality instrumentation systems for process industries. Through our pursuit of excellence in product quality, customer service and on-time deliveries, we are known for providing superior products at competitive prices. From our beginning in 1886 with the boiler feedwater injector patent through present-day ISO 9001 certification, leading edge technology and personnel, Penberthy has unwavered in its ability to anticipate customer needs and solve problems. With the new millennium, we’ve intensified our commitment to excellence in product quality, customer support and service. Through the course of many years of research & development, lab & field product testing and monitoring product performance, Penberthy has acquired a vast pool of knowledge…knowledge that has been passed on to our customers in the form of superior products, including:



The world’s leading line of eductor/ejector products perform everything from pumping liquids and slurries, moving granular solids, draining sumps and evacuating vessels…to heating liquids or agitating/mixing them in tanks…to mixing a second liquid into a flowing pipeline.

In every case, Emerson Penberthy Jet products are doing the job better and more reliable than more complex – and costly – conventional pumping and mixing systems.

LIQUID LEVEL GAGES & VALVES For direct visual indication of process level, a broad range of flat-glass transparent or reflex gages are available to meet most temperature/pressure conditions. Tubular styles are also available, along with a complete line of both straight and offset pattern valves. Only Penberthy offers PENGAGE™ Selection Software for fast, accurate and simple gage/valve specification.

Emerson Penberthy MULTIVIEW Magnetic Liquid Level Gages can be built to serve practically any process industry situation. From the simplest operation to the most severe, corrosive environment, Penberthy can construct a system to best suit your company’s requirements. As pioneers in magnetic gage level indication and as creators of the unique concentric magnet design, Penberthy has the expertise to know what design, specifications and options best fit any given application. Contact Anderson-Bolds to discuss specific duty requirements in your operation.

MULTIVIEW Magnetic Liquid Level Gages utilize a communicating chamber constructed of 2-1/2" pipe which is connected to the process tank with either side or end connections. A float with a self-enclosed magnet is custom sized and weighted to float at the surface of the process liquid to be monitored. The float is then installed in the communicating chamber. The industry-unique concentric magnet in MULTIVIEW gages provides a more consistent magnetic field than conventional magnet designs.

SIGHT FLOW INDICATORS & SIGHT WINDOWS Emerson Penberthy offers one of the industry’s most complete lines of sight flow indicators and sight windows with our FLUIDVISION™ product line. They include ANSI, TeflonÆ/TefzelÆ lined, FM approved dual-window, armored, full-view, threaded window and low-flow gaseous models. All popular sizes and materials of construction available, with flanged, threaded and special connections, as well as rotator, flapper, drip-tube or plain indicator styles. Also includes threaded, oblong and conventional sight windows.

ULTRASONIC LEVEL INSTRUMENTATION Emerson Penberthy level switches employ ultrasonic gap sensing technology to provide level indication in nearly any liquid. To meet a wide range of requirements, LEVELMARK™ gives you a choice of single or dual-point models, with 4-20 mA loop, optoisolator (optoisolated open collector transistor) or relay output options. What’s more, these gap switches are available FM-approved/CSA-certified explosion-proof and/or intrinsically safe. Choose from a variety of systems designed to deliver dependable performance in difficult, “non-contact” environments. Penberthy transmitters feature easy calibration with a number of available configurations, including digital displays, alarm relays, standard temperature compensation, 0 to 30 second delay and echo loss/fault indication.

FLOWMETERS The function of the Flowmeter is to allow the user the ability to monitor rate of flow in a pipeline. The metal tube contains a tapered area with a float. The float rises in the taper until the upthrust balances the float weight. The float contains a magnet which is coupled to a pointer. As the float rises it catches the magnet on the pointer which follows the float magnet. The magnet drives the pointer over a full 90ƒ of the scale.

BOILER TRIM PRODUCTS Viewport Bi-Color Gage Glasses

Viewport Viewing Accessories

Levalert Remote Level Indicators

Levalert Specifications

Levalert Options

P60A Remote Level Indicators

Alert Multi-Electrode Level Switches

Alert I & IA Features & Specifications

Steam/Water Flat Glass Gages

CASTINGS Emerson Penberthy's newly installed melt system meets the market demand for reduced lead-time, short run and exotic alloys found in Jet Pumps, Sight Flow Indicators, Valves and Liquid Level Gauges.

These new high-speed furnaces, coupled with existing furnaces, are pre-lined and setup for families of copper, iron, carbon and stainless steel alloys. If you require A351 corrosion resistant castings or A494 nickel based alloys or A890 Duplex Stainless Steels, Penberthy can offer you quick delivery fully traceable to ASTM standards.

With full process capabilities to cast, heat treat and machine under one roof, Penberthy has the unmatched ability to meet the engineering needs of a demanding market.


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