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Anderson-Bolds sells Safety and Automation Industrial products.

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Autonics Sensors and Controllers

Autonics provides industrial automation products of more than 5,000 items of wide variety of sensors and controllers to the world market. Autonics sophisticated and integrated products offer more advanced and productive solutions through its world class quality and reliability to satisfy its customers around the world. Autonics sensors & controllers are the invisible hand for more convenient world.

Products offered include Proximity Sensors and switches, PhotoElectric Sensors and switches, Area or Picking Sensors, Door Sensors, Fiberr Optic Sensors, Rotary Encoderrs, Pressure Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Temperature Controllers, Counters, Timers, Multi panel meters, Pulse/Rate Meters, Graphic Touch Panels, Sensor Controllers, Power Supplies, Display units, Power Contoller, Stepping Motors, Motion Controllers, Tower/Stack Lights, Signal Lights, Indicators, Recorders, Digital Indication Controllers, Converters, Pressure Transmitters, Temperature Transmitters, and Thyristor Switching.

A few of the Autonics are listed below with a short description. Please fill ot our Autonics Parts Form for more information or a quote.

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Menics Tower and Stack Lights for Industrial use. Signal and Indicating Lights with strobe and buzzers for warning systems. Tower lights can be pole mounted, stud mounted or wall mounted. LED lights and single lens three color tower lights for all appications. Menics is a sister company to Autonics that is a leader in Tower Light technology.
Autonics area sensors
The area or picking sensor is the easy to use non-safety light screen for general purposes using multi light beams for the detection of the objects moving in the specified areas. Autonics area sensors, thin, small sized and compact design, offer more reliable sensing solutions equipped with long sensing distance, more advanced and various easy-to-use functions at the most reasonable price. Autonics picking sensors, kind of the area sensor products, is ideal for small part detection and assembly applications.
Autonics graphic touch panel
Graphic touch panel is a typical device for HMI(Human Machine Interface) and rapidly replacing lots of single purpose control devices. These robust devices are packaged (hardware, software, and communications) and tested for HMI (human machine interface) operation. Simply download your configured application file, set appropriate communication parameters, and connect the communication cable. Autonics graphic touch panel GP-2480 is the ideal solution for simplifying your complicated controlling systems. Wide range of multi functions, compact sized design of touch screen and graphic panel combined in one body and even more reasonable price, it'll be your perfect choice.
Autonics high accuracy digital pressure sensors
Pressure sensors are widely used in the air pressure mechanics for precise controlling of the equipment. Autonics high accuracy digital pressure sensors are available in 2 product types with 24 different options. Their compact sizes and optimized features offer the most precise control of air pressure systems and a variety of applications for various environments in the industry.
Autonics Weekly /  Yearly Timer
Counters & timers are the basic tools widely used in automation process of various industries. Autonics offers the wide range of industrial counters and timers, designed, manufactured and tested to meet the most demanding worldwide standards and ratings. They also offer reliable design, quick replacements, panel space-saving and solutions that offer increased functionality, flexibility and performance.
Autonics proximity sensors
Autonics proximity sensors are the most common and affordable solution for no-touch object detection. The most commonly-used proximity sensor is the inductive type, which generates an electromagnetic field to sense metal objects passing close to its face. This is usually the easiest sensing technology to apply in applications where the metal object to be detected is within an inch or two of the sensor face. Autonics offers 12 products of 6 different types of proximity sensors, inductive and capacitive.
Automics stepping motors
Automics stepping motors convert electricity into rotation. And it can be very accurately controlled in terms of how far it will rotate and how fast. Step motors are so named because each pulse of electricity turns the motor one step. Step motors are controlled by a driver, which sends the pulses into the motor causing it to turn. The number of pulses the motor turns is equal to the number of pulses fed into the driver. The motor will spin at a rate that is equal to the frequency of those same pulses. Autonics wide range of 2 & 5 phase stepping motors promise ultra precise, reliable operation and control of the industrial equipment like SMT for semiconductors, office & computer related equipment, medical equipment and so on.
Autonics LED Displays
Depending on input data, display unit can display about 60 different kinds (digit, alphabet, symbol) of characters.


Autonics / Konics Temperature and Humidity transmitters
Autonics / Konics Temperature and Humidity transmitters convert input of 20 kinds of thermocouple including mV, ohm and RTD to output through 4-20mA, it uses general wire instead of compensation wire and reduces facility cost; in addition, it features high-accuracy ability and easy connections by means of 2-wire transmission method. Konics is a sister company to Autonics.
Autonics Fiber Optic sensors
Autonics Fiber Optic sensors, photo lens eliminated amplifier combined with fiber optic cable, are ideal where small objects detection and quick response time is required. Moreover, the high flexibility of the optic cable allows easy installation fitting almost anywhere. Autonics fiber optic sensing amplifiers and cables of real compact body offer sophisticated part detection, quick response time and generous sensing range.

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