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American Meter Gas Meter






Robertshaw offers a complete line of RF and microprocessor based level controls for continuous and/or point level control. All our microprocessor based level systems consist of a sensing element and a patented PFM transmitter with remote mounted level controller. The transmitter requires no primary power as it is powered over the same two wires that transmit the digital pulses to the controller. Transmission ranges one (1) mile without the use of coaxial or triaxial cable. Solid State RF devices are single unit direct mount as well as remote mount. A variety of sensing probes are available to suit your applications; high temp/press, sanitary, flanged, inactive lengths, grounded for non-metal tanks, rigid, flexible, bare or insulated.

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Level Products


Microprocessor Based
Menu driven setup/calibration with keypad entry
Setpoint and Process Variable Displays
Patented PFM Transmitter Technology - no coax/triax cablerequired
Anti-coating circuitry to ignore build-up on sensing probe
2 or 4 alarm relays 2/Differential and Time Delay Adjustments
Intrinsically Safe transmitter/probe input without the use of safety barriers
Field selectable input linearization for open channel flow/horizontal tanks
Test/Verify Pushbutton
Adjustable Response Time
Analog/Communication Options (isolated 4-20 ma/HART
Protocol/RS-232/485 Modbus
Plug in Modular Design
Continuous Self Diagnostics
Calibration by local keypad, hand held calibrator, or PC
Fieldbus Upgradeable
Weather Proof or Explosion Proof Enclosure
C-UL Certifications Pending

Model 5000A Continuous Level Controller

Microprocessor Based
Toggle Switch Calibration without emptying/filling vessel
4-20 MaDC Output
Two DPDT 10 Amp Alarm Relays
Digital LCD Display - Percent or Engineering Units
Linearization Option for Volume/Open Channel Flow Self Diagnostics
Optional UL/C Certified I. S. Transmitter/Probe Input
(required safety barrier)
Optional NEMA 4, 4X, or Explosion Proof Enclosures

Model 5100 Point Level Controller
Microprocessor Based
Pushbutton Calibration
Digitally Set Time Delays
Selectable Fail Safe Modes
Seven Pre-Programmed Selectable Control Modes
Non-Volatile Memory (no battery backup required)
Optional Status Indicating Lights
Intrinsically Safe Transmitter/Probe Input without use of safety barriers
Optional NEMA 4, 4X, or Explosion Proof Enclosures
Model 5400 Multi-Point Controller
Microprocessor Based
Pushbutton Calibration
1 to 4 Point Control using only one Sensing Element
Heavy Duty 10 Amp Relays
Independent Time Delay & Adj Diff for EACH Relay
Self Diagnostics with LED failure indication
Intrinsically Safe Transmitter/Probe Input without use of safety barriers
Non-Volatile Memory (no battery backup required)
Optional Indicating Lights
Optional NEMA 4, 4X or Explosion Proof Enclosure

Remote Mount (up to 150 feet) Solid State RF Transmitter
No electronics at the Sensing Probe
4-20 MaDC output
Optional Analog Display
Optional 1-5, 10-50, 0-10 MaDC outputs
Optional DPDT 5 Amp Alarm Relays
Optional Weathertight or Explosion Proof Enclosures
Intrinsically Safe Models (barriers required)
CSA Certified Models
Continuous Level Solid State
RF Transmitter
Isolated 4-20 MaDC output
Anti-Coating circuitry to ignore buildup on sensing probe
Intrinsically Safe Models
(barrier required)
12-35 VDC 2-Wire, 120 VAC,
240 VAC Power Options
NEMA 4/Explosion Proof Enclosure
Optional Explosion Proof Indicator
CSA Certified Models

Direct Mount Solid State Rf
Point Level Control
Adjustable Differential & Time Delay
Field Selectable High or Low Level Fail Safe
DPDT 5 Amp Relay
Intrinsically Safe Probe
Input Circuit
Can be used with ANTI-COATING short-stop sensing probe.
NEMA 4/Explosion Proof Enclosure
CSA Certified Models
Obsolete and Replaced by the 5318B

Remote Mt (up to150 feet) Solid State RF Point Level Control
No Electronics at the Sensing Probe
Red and Green Alarm Indicating Lights
Adjustable Differential & Time Delay
DPDT 5 Amp Alarm Relay
Field Selectable High or Low Level Fail Safe
Optional NEMA 4 or Explosion Proof Enclosures
CSA Certified Models
Direct Mount Solid State RF Point Level Control
Two Independent Set-Points and Control Relays
Adjustable Differential for Each Set Point
Field Selectable High or Low Level Fail Safe
Two SPDT 5 Amp Alarm Relays
NEMA 4/Explosion Proof Enclosure
On/Off Solid State RF Point Level Control
Field Selectable High or Low Level Fail Safe
DPDT 5 Amp Alarm Relay
NEMA 4/Explosion Proof Enclosure

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'Mini-Max' VC-210 Valve
Model VC-210 diaphragm actuated control valves are compact, ruggedly constructed and designed for control of water, gas, vacuum, etc. Single-seated valves are bellows sealed to prevent steam leakage. Valves may be two-way, fail-open or fail-closed, or three-way, operated by a 10 sq. in. BUNA-N 2 ply dacron reinforced diaphragm in a die-cast aluminum housing and frame assembly.
Valve Sizes: 1/2", 3/4", and 1"
Ends: screwed
Body Material: 3156 Stainless Steel investment castings
Trim Material:
Two-way valves: 316 Stainless Steel
Three-way valves: 316 Stainless Steel
Flow Coefficient (Cv): - 0.3 to 9.5
Models VC-230A/VC-231A
Models VC-230A and VC-231A diaphragm actuated control valves feature a 30 sq. in. multi-spring actuator with a molded BUNA-N diaphragm in a steel casing. Lower frame is cast iron. Springs are wound from high quality alloy steel. A wide choice of valves includes single seated and double seated two way valves in sizes 1/2" to 4". Three-way valves are single plug between two seats (1/2" to 6"). Flanges, screwed, and union ends connections available.
Actuator Action: VC-230A - Air to push down, VC-231A - Air to push up
Maximum Travel: 1 1/32"
Spring Range: 3-15 psig (20 to 107 kPa) standard. Other ranges available.
Valve Specifications: Varied - contact factory.
Please fill out our Valve Design Form and submit to us for help in Choosing a valve.

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Robertshaw SATR's (self-actuated temperature regulators) have thermal systems combining the responsiveness of vapor pressure and the positive action of liquid transmission. Sylphon seamless metal bellows actuators are offered in three sizes to provide the correct combination of power, speed of response and stability for many temperature control applications.

The full range of available valve styles includes sizes 1/4" thru 6", single-seated and double-seated in selected sizes. Direct and reverse-acting valves are offered for heating or cooling service. A single-seated fully-balanced direct-acting valve style MA, is standard for 3/4" thru 2" sizes. Three-way valves are offered for blending, mixing, or diverting service. Robertshaw has now added stainless steel bodies in 1/2" thru 2".

Adjustable temperature ranges are provided from -35 to as high as 480F. Exact range limits and setpoint adjustment spans are determined by operating characteristics of individual regulator styles.

Temperature overrun protection is standard. A variety of thermal bulb styles and armored capillary tube lengths up to 50 feet are offered.


Model RT-1001-B1
Two-way-single-seated and double-seated valves, direct and reverse-acting. Three-way valves for mixing or diverting. Sizes 1/4" to 4" . Wide throttling band for maximum stability. Approximately 60F spans from -20F to 480F.
Model RT-1001-P thru S "Quick Ship"
Fixed specification of the RT-1001-B1 SATR sizes 1/2" to 2" for heating or cooling, built to order and shipped in 5 days or less. Guaranteed
Model RT-1003/RT-1009 Series
Same valve selection as RT-1001-B1. Medium throttling band. More power and sensitivity than RT-1001-B1. Approximately 60F spans between -25F and 455F. Available with thermometer integral with thermal system for indication. RT-1009 has override for manually positioning valve.
Model RT-1004 Series
Same valve selection as RT-1001-B1. Extra large actuating bellows for narrow throttling band, maximum power and sensitivity. Larger thermal bulbs. Approximately 45F spans between 35F and 425F
Model RT-921 Series
Small overall size. Sizes 1/4" through 1" with or without temperature indication. Excellent for OEM applications.
Model RT-1006-B1/RT-1007-A1
Fail-safe design. Should damage to thermal system cause loss of thermal charge, direct-acting valve (heating service) closes and reverse-acting valve (cooling service) opens to prevent overheating. Valve sizes 1/4" to 1" on RT-1006-B1; 1-1/4" to 4" for RT-1007-A1 with extra large bellows actuator. Approximately 30F spans between -50F and 325F

Please fill out our Valve Design Form and submit to us for help in Choosing a valve.

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Robertshaw vibration detectors are designed to measure the total acceleratory shock present on a machine. Acceleration measurements made by the vibraswitch are the summation of all the individual accelerations giving a total destructive force acting on the machine - the result is positive protection. When the vibration level of a vibraswitch-protected machine exceeds normal operation by a pre-selectable amount, an internal switch closes, actuating a shutdown circuit before costly damages occurs.

The Robertshaw vibration equipment responds to destructive force, not displacement. The units give continuous protection for operating machines. There are no moving parts to wear out, ensuring long life of the instruments with no maintenance required.

Robertshaw Vibration Instruments can be used on rotating or reciprocating machines. To select the proper instrument for your machine, follow the link to Selection Guide Matrix and/or follow the steps below.

  1. Select the unit that meets the environmental conditions that your machine is located in [hazardous area (explosion-proof or I.S.) or non-hazardous; temperature range].

  2. Select the power supply and/or remote reset voltage required.

  3. Select the unit that provides you with the required measurement type, range and frequency for your machine. The type would be acceleration (G's) or velocity (IPS). The range would be the G range or IPS range. The frequency would be in Hertz (RPM of machine 60).

  4. If you require time delays (Start, Monitor or Start & Monitor delays see note below), select the instrument that offers that feature. Models 375A/376A series offer fixed time delays; Model 566 offers adjustable Monitor Delay; Model 563A MUST BE used with Vibraswitch Model 366 or 365, and provides adjustable time delay for the units that are connected to the 563A Monitor. If time delay is not required proceed to step 5 below.

  5. Select the function that you desire:
    1. Alarm or shut down only by:
      1. Electrical SPDT or DPDT Switch Operation (Models 365/366, Models 375A/376A with Start Delay Only).
      2. Solid State Triac Switch Operation (Models 375A/376A except for Start Delay ONLY Model which has SPDT Switch Contacts).
      3. Pneumatic Operation (Model 368).
    2. 4-20 mADC output only (Models 570B/571A).
    3. 4-20 mADC output with alarm and/or shut down contacts, triac outputs (Model 566).

  6. Check to see if the Model selected above has a mounting configuration suitable for your application. All units are surface mount except for the following:
    1. Models 570B/571A are stud mount.
    2. Model 563A Monitor is used with the surface mount 365/366 Vibraswitches to provide adjustable start and monitor time delays.

  7. After you have made your selection, review the complete Product Specification Sheet to verify your selection is correct.


    Start, Monitor, or Start & Monitor Delays are used to prevent unwanted shut down or alarm during start-up or normal operation of your machine.

    1. Start Delay: Prevents unwanted shut down when excessive vibration exists (which exceeds the set-point of the vibration switch or monitor) during the start-up of the machine.

    2. Monitor Delay: Prevents unwanted shut down when short excessive vibration spikes occur (which exceed the set-point of the vibration switch or monitor) during normal operation of the machine. Spikes are typically caused by detonation, cavitation, other machinery in the immediate area, etc.



Acceleration Sensitive - Measures Destructive Shock
Adjustable setpoint range 0 - 4.5G
SPDT or DPDT Contact Options
NEMA 4X Weather-proof Enclosure, 366 Model (CSA Certified)
Explosion-proof Enclosure, 365A Model (CSA/FM approved)
Local or Electric Remote Reset (AC or DC Coil Options) 365A Model
Local Manual or Remote Pneumatic Reset, 366 Model
Optional space heater to prevent condensation
Optional Rainshield for Unprotected Outdoor Installations, 365A Model
365A-CSA Certified/FM Approved
366-CSA Certified
The 365A vibration switch replaces the 365 Explosion Proof Vibration switch.  Same form, fit, function and look, updated internal works.
Acceleration Sensitive - Measures Total Destructive Shock
SPDT (Start Delay Only) or Solid State TRIAC Output
Start, Monitor, or Start & Monitor Delay Options
Adjustable Setpoint Range 0 - 4.5G
Explosion-proof Enclosure (FM Approved), 375 Model
NEMA 4X Weather-proof Enclosure, 376 Model
Local or Electric Remote Reset (120VAC)
Supply Power 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
375A-FM Approved
Optional Internal or Externally Mounted Accelerometer
Velocity Range 0 - 1.5 in/sec or 0 - 3 in/sec
Acceleration Range 0 - 5G or 0 - 10G
Output 4 - 20 maDC
Two Adjustable Trip Points for Alarm or Shutdown
Two Solid State Triacs, NC or NO (2 Amp at 120/240 VAC)
Adjustable Monitor Time Delay on one setpoint
LED Setpoint Indicators
NEMA 4 and Explosion-proof Enclosure
CSA Certified/FM Approved
Two wire loop powered (10-36 VDC)
4-20 mA DC output
Compact design, 1" diam., 2.42 overall length
3/8-24 stud mounting
2 pin electrical connection mates w/std MIL-C5015 socket w/splashproof boot
Corrosion Resistant 316 StSt enclosure, IP68 Weatherproof  NEMA 4X hermetically sealed enclosure
Optional cable assemblies in 16, 34, 64 and 112 foot lengths
ESD protection
Reverse Wiring Protection

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Instantrol Steam/Fluid Heater Package
Instant hot water or other fluids on demand at controlled temperature regardless of load variations or length of no-load standby. Package includes heat exchanger, trap, strainer, and specially designed temperature regulator featuring single-seated, fully balanced, dead-end steam valve and patented heat-anticipating thermal system. Regulator alone is also available as Model RT-711
Features: Small overall size; height 43" to 60"; length 44" to 50"; width 10" to 16" depending on model. Single packages 2 to 130 gpm. May be paralleled for greater capacities. Steam valve size: 3/4" to 2". Maximum steam supply: 40 psig. 70F adjustable setpoint spans between 90F and 200F
Model DT-700 Temperature Controller
Model DT-700 Fultrol pilot controller uses rod and tube differential expansion principle to control pilot valve position and resultant signal pressure is applied to final control actuator. It may be used for heating or for cooling applications.
Control action may be direct or reverse, facilitating choice of final control valves to seek with full-open or full-closed position upon loss of supply pressure.
Ranges: Any 200F span between -50 and 350 F
Output Signal:3 to 15 psig standard; 6 to 30 psig available
Supply: Air, gas, low-viscosity oil
Throttling Band Adjustment: 5F to 25F (2 1/2 psig/F to 1/2 psig/F)
Models 443A/445A Current to Pneumatic Converters
Models 443A/445A electro-pneumatic relays convert a DC signal to a proportional pneumatic signal. They broaden the scope of pneumatic instrumentation by utilizing the speed of electrical transmission, reducing time-distance factors. Compact design with direct or reverse action, excellent frequency response and dampening. Explosion proof housing for Class I, Div. I hazardous locations. High accuracy with +/-0.50% (standard), +/-0.25% certified (optional).

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